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Adoption Information

MWR Adoption Process

Our adoption process starts with the Adoption Application. We screen each application, and if there is a possible fit with one of the dogs who are looking for a home, we will then complete a phone interview. From there, we complete a veterinarian reference check to ensure that current or previous dogs in the household were regularly seen by a vet. The final step is a home visit, where we spend roughly an hour with the adopting family in their home. Whenever possible, we will bring the dog along so everyone gets to know one another. If it's a good match for all, the adoption is approved. We lastly require families to sign the Adoption Contract, and to submit the adoption fee ($400) which makes the adoption official. See our adoptable dogs here.

Please kindly remember that MWR is completely volunteer based. Each of its volunteers has a full time job and donate his or her time to help. Because of this, there may be delay in response times when you send a question or submit an application. We appreciate your understanding on this front.

Adoption FAQs

How much is the adoption fee?

$400. This fee allows us to provide all foster dogs with vetting, food, and other care needs. The adoption fee also helps offset transportation expenses since many dogs we rescue come from other parts of the country. This fee does not actually cover the rescue's costs and MWR does not profit by way of its adoption fee.

How detailed do my answers on the Adoption Application need to be?

The more information, the better! The Application is the first way we assess if a dog may be a good fit for your family. We love to know exactly what you are looking for in a new friend, what past dog experience you have, and why you want to rescue a dog. To find the best match, it helps to know whether you want a laid back or a more active companion, how much training you are willing to provide, and your typical daily routine. All of these things help us evaluate a possible match. 

Does it matter if I have an electric or underground fence? 

We understand that some folks use electric or underground fences, however due to the strong-willed nature of terriers, we do not adopt to homes that use this type of barrier. 

Do you adopt to people who live in apartments or who have no fence?

We consider homes without fences or individuals who live in apartments on a case by case basis. We factor in the particular dog (including age, activity level, and personality), the individual's commitment and plan for toileting and exercising a dog, and other pertinent factors. So, the short answer is, please apply and we can begin this conversation.

I applied yesterday, so why haven't I gotten a reply today?

We are a volunteer organization and each of our volunteers has full time jobs outside of rescue. Because of this, there will often be delay in our communication with you. We do our best to timely contact individuals who we assess will be a good fit for a particular dog based on the Adoption Application. We appreciate your patience!


Can I adopt a dog from MWR if I don't live in the Omaha/Lincoln area?

We have adopted dogs to families who live all over the country -- from Boston to Montana and everywhere in between. We still do our due diligence with families outside of the area, including coordinating a home visit with local contacts. We also require families to drive to Omaha to pick up their family member, a requirement that is not negotiable.

What kind of vetting will my rescue dog have?

Our dogs will have all vaccinations, heartworm check, teeth cleaning (if needed), spay/neutering (if over 6 months of age), microchipping, tick/flea/heartworm prevention, and a new collar/leash set. 


What can I expect from a home visit?

We do home visits to ensure the home is safe for a dog -- this means that the fence is secure, there are no chemicals or pest control products within easy access, and there are no obvious risks to a dog in the environment. We like to make sure that the dog has a safe place to stay inside during the day and a comfortable spot to sleep at night. We only adopt dogs to families who allow them to live inside the house as a family member. We will look to make sure the home is one we would feel comfortable having our own dogs stay.

Where do your dogs in your rescue come from?

Generally speaking, we rescue dogs from a number of circumstances. Many Wheatens are owner surrenders and puppy mill survivors, though some may come from shelters where they were abandoned. Many of our other rescue dogs are from shelters where their chance of being put to sleep is high due to overcrowding and under-funding. In particular, we rescue many dogs from the South, where spay and neuter regulation is not as advanced and overpopulation is a serious issue. Dogs in rescue have various backgrounds, but in all instances they are ready to be loved and accepted into a family.

Do you recommend any type of food, treats, or other products for dogs?

Yes! Our years in rescue have given us a lot of experience with lots of different companies and products. Check out our recommended food, dog chews, and other preferences here.

Adoption Contract

If you and a pup are a perfect match after a meet and greet goes well, the final step is to complete the Adoption Contract. Please click the link below to access this document and complete it in preparation for your adoption day! Woof!

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