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Owner Surrender


If you have a Wheaten, and can no longer keep your dog, we might be able to help. We have worked with many families who, due to changes in circumstances, need to relinquish their dog.


The first step is to fill out the Surrender Form. Please complete the entire form and email it to We will be in touch with you.


Please note that we are a foster home-based rescue, and we do not operate a shelter. If you need to relinquish your dog, please contact us in advance, so that we may plan, and attempt to find room at one of our foster homes for your dog. 

Recommended Pup Products

Our dogs deserve the best and years of rescue experience have given us some insight into some of the best products out there -- from food to harnesses to carpet cleaner. We heartily recommend the following: 

High Quality, Grain-Free Food

The quality of a dog's health is directly related to the food he or she eats. We highly encourage folks to feed their dogs high quality, grain-free dog food that limits "fillers" like corn or artificial additives. The food should be produced in the USA. We can personally recommend brands like Blue Buffalo, Fromm's and Pura Vita. You can get more recommendations here. The key is to make sure the formula is protein rich. Also, dogs with allergies often benefit from uncommon recipes made with proteins other than chicken and beef -- try Salmon, Whitefish, or Pheasant. 

Treats Made in the USA

Like the food you give your dog, treats will also impact your dog's health. Treats made in the USA (which is usually prominently displayed on the package) are best since their ingredients are more closely regulated than elsewhere. We love healthy treats like Sam's Sweet Potato Chews or sweet treats from K9 Granola Factory. Blue Buffalo (recommended above for dog food) also carries treats. Remember, things like carrots, blueberries, apples, canned pumpkin, green beans, and even a little occasional cheese make great treats too or can be added into a dog's food. 

Dog Chews

Many dogs just love to chew so satisfy that urge with deer antlers or stuffed Kongs. Deer antlers are exactly that, left behind when a deer sheds his antlers for the season. They are hardy, fine for dogs to digest, and long-lasting. The kinds "split" down the middle, where marrow is exposed, seem to be the favorites. A stuffed Kong is a Kong toy stuffed with something delicious, such as peanut butter, apple sauce, plain yogurt, or just treats. You can freeze them overnight and add a different variety every day. This will keep your dog entertained, say, when you leave for work. Our own dogs don't mind our absence when we give them a stuffed Kong before walking out the door! Get stuffed Kong recipes here.

One important point, do not feed rawhide to dogs. Rawhide has been linked to serious health issues in dogs, including death, since it is manufactured by way of a chemical process which includes the use hydrogen peroxide, arsenic and formaldehyde.


Lots of dogs out there just love a walk -- so much so that they pull every step of the way. We really recommend the Easy Walk Harness to help maintain control and to keep walks enjoyable. Easy Walks aren't like other harnesses because they clip in the front. The more your dog pulls, the more the harness actually turns them back to you. They are a great tool -- especially because they don't hurt your pup like a choke or prong collar (which we are very much against)!


We have lots of other recommendations too! We've had great luck with Nature's Miracle as a cleaning solution, which manages to break down the color and smell of even tough pet messes. And we also have used Zymox Ear cleanser as a great non-prescription option for ear issues (please of course see a vet if the infection worsens).


For male pups who are marking in the house or having trouble potty training, you can try a belly band. This little underwear-like fabric can help catch some of your pup's mess. 

Lastly, please keep your pup on flea/tick and heartworm preventative year-round. Heartworm preventative will come from your vet, but you can use a variety of different flea/tick options, including Frontline and Nexguard.

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Recommended products
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