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about Midwest Wheaten Rescue


Founded in 2009, our rescue is based on the belief that each dog deserves a chance. Every year, many Wheatens and mixed breed pups find themselves without a home. Our entire team is made up of volunteers who are committed to helping rescue and place these sweet pups. We do not operate a shelter. Instead, rescue dogs live with our foster families, until they are adopted.


We are based in Omaha, Nebraska. We rescue and place dogs throughout the Midwest, and even farther, where possible. We take pride in completing due diligence, to make sure each dog is placed with a home that is the best fit, both for the dog and for the adopting family. We are proud to have received the Non-Profit 501(c)3 status from the IRS. 

Rescue is a labor of love -- it's all for the love of dogs.

About the Breed

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers originated in Ireland as versatile farm dogs, bred to chase and corner vermin and other pests. For this reason, Wheatens, like all terriers, are lively, energetic, and determined dogs who can be independent-minded, but who also love their people. Wheatens are said to maintain a "puppy-like" spirit well into adulthood, which makes them incredibly fun pups. It also means they need a good amount of daily exercise to help them burn off energy. Long walks through the park or a run through the neighborhood will keep a Wheaten happy! Wheatens love people, and will often jump up in exuberance upon seeing you walk through the door, twirl in circles, or frolic around with the zoomies. There's no more joyous sight! But for this reason, Wheatens may not always be the right choice for a family with small children. 

Wheatens have a low-shedding coat, however they require daily brushing and a professional grooming every 4-6 weeks to keep their coat from becoming matted. Please keep this expense in mind when considering a Wheaten. Sometimes Wheatens are said to be "hypoallergenic" or "non-shedding," -- but you should know that all dogs, even Wheatens, shed at least a little and can produce dander allergens which trigger some individuals' allergies.

Comical and self-confident, Wheatens are very special dogs with a big place in our hearts! While this section contains some general information about Wheatens, you should know that each dog is an individual and will be different from the next. The most important thing is to find the right dog for you!

Why We Love (and Rescue) Other Dogs Too

Midwest Wheaten Rescue was started for love of a dog, a very treasured Wheaten Terrier named Joey. Joey inspired MWR's founders to save dogs who needed a chance -- and they realized quickly that many of those other dogs were not any particular breed. In fact, many were mutts of all shapes, sizes, and colors. MWR had to do something... and so we did! Today, when MWR volunteers see a dog sitting in a shelter without any hope in his eyes, or a dog at risk of being put to sleep, we don't care about the dog's fur type or color. We just look at those eyes, begging for a chance, begging for someone to help. 

We will always love and adore our Wheatens, and work to save them when called upon. But to us, every dog deserves a home, especially the under-dogs who may have been glanced over before. We whole-heartedly believe that every dog is special. There is a perfect family for each one. Some of our favorite dogs to come through rescue have been black dogs, mixed breed, or all of the above. And so we rescue Wheatens... and Labrador Retrievers, Hounds, terrier mixes, and many, many mutts. We hope that when adopting, you'll give each dog consideration and choose one that has the perfect personality for you!

About the Breed
Other dogs too

The Special Dogs who inspired us

"What a beautiful world it would be, if people had hearts like dogs"



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