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Adoptable Dogs

Adoptable Dogs

Midwest Wheaten Rescue is a 501(c)(3) rescue organization, dedicated to saving Wheaten Terriers and other dogs in need of homes. Learn more.

We love our Wheatens, but we rescue all breeds. Find out why.
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Why rescue


Dogs find themselves in rescue for many reasons -- none of which are their fault.  Unfortunately, situations change and circumstances arise where a dog with a family is now without one or has landed in a shelter.  Perhaps the dog's person passed away or an unspayed dog had a litter of puppies who are now all in need of homes. Sometimes we don't even know their story, we just know they are alone. Rescue dogs are not damaged, they are not bad dogs. In fact, these pups are grateful for love and care -- and they show it. Rescue dogs are resilient. They have a seemingly limitless amount of love to give, cuddles to dowel out, and kisses to distribute. And, luckily, people like you are ready to show them commitment that lasts a lifetime. 

Our rescue dogs live in homes with foster parents who learn all about their habits, likes, and personalities. This helps us place each pup in the perfect home for him or her to thrive. Our foster dogs are fully vetted, so family members know their new pup is vaccinated and has received the health care they need.

When you rescue, you are truly saving a life who has nobody else. Really, the answer to "Why rescue?" is easy. The answer is love. 

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